Sunday News: "The Party of White Paranoia;" "Inside A Pro-Confederate Flag Rally"

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 6.

*The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia ("Every other issue, from taxes to surveillance to war to jobs to education, will take a distant back seat to this ongoing, moronic referendum on white victimhood. And there's nothing any of us can do about it except wait it out, and wonder if our politics only gets dumber from here.")
*Here's What It's Like Inside A Pro-Confederate Flag Rally (Frightening, horrifying, disgusting.)
*Asylum-seekers pour into Hungary as first wave reaches Germany
*Failure to act on climate change means an even bigger refugee crisis
*Amid grief, Jill Biden said to share VP's hesitation on 2016
*Private Security At Whole Foods Beats Black Man Unconscious, Leaves Him In A Pool Of His Own Blood(Unacceptable. Also, yet another reason not to shop at Whole Paycheck.)
*After Sting Videos Spur Protests, Arsonists Set Planned Parenthood Clinic Ablaze (It's called "incitement to violence.")
*The Nation's Most Populous State Just Voted To Divest From Coal (Our turn, Virginia!)
*The Judges Now Take Over Redistricting Duties (Typical "both sides" false equivalency from the corporate media. In fact, Democrats DID come up with a redistricting plan and DID call a special session to try to pass something. In contrast, Republicans did NOT come up with a redistricting plan - and have been criticized for that even on conservative blogs - and didn't even want to have a special session. #FAIL)
*Schapiro: The uncertainty of a certain McAuliffe political agenda ("Terry McAuliffe has three political goals: Restore Democratic control of the Virginia Senate this November. Help elect Hillary Clinton president in 2016. Ensure the following year that a Democrat succeeds him as governor. Ever the optimist, McAuliffe considers each an achievable dream. But events could align to make each a nightmare.")
*In Virginia, Mark Herring decides it's just fine to be the attorney general ("With the governor saddled with a hostile legislature, the job of AG looks more appealing than ever.")
*19th District race: Hamlar embracing a challenge ("The Democratic candidate is known for his athletic drive.")
*19th District race: Suetterlein making himself known ("Anti-abortion. Anti-Medicaid expansion." 'Nuff said.)
*12 years after elected-mayor switch, Richmond government still trying to find its footing
*Franklin County commonwealth's attorney race heating up
*Our view: Are we really losing jobs?
*A deeper look at police body cameras in Hampton Roads
*Harper, Nationals take advantage of listless Braves, 8-2
*D.C. area forecast: Gradually warmer into midweek, with more 90s likely

19th District (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
The 19th state senate district is another of those convoluted, gerrymandered districts created to protect the incumbent, Republican Ralph Smith. When Smith decided to retire, he anointed his office manager Sutterlein as his successor. Mike Hamler is running non-stop and doing a great job. His chances for winning? Slightly above zero, unfortunately. The district went heavily for E.W. Jackson, for example. At least, the 35-40% of the electorate in the district who are Democrats will have a fine candidate to vote for.

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Yep, not a great shot at winning, but... (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
...I commend him for running!

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Video: Collin Powell explains why Iran nuclear agreement is a "good deal" (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
Colin Powell nails it.

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Loudoun County Board Chair calls on Shawn Williams to resign "immediately" after "alcohol related incident" (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
Statement from Chairman Scott York Regarding Charges Against Supervisor Shawn WilliamsThis morning, I was advised that Supervisor Shawn Williams was arrested for an alcohol related incident at or near his home and was taken into custody by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.
Unfortunately, it has become clear that Supervisor Williams has a serious substance abuse problem. At this time, I believe that he should focus full time on getting the help that he needs. While the Board does not have the authority to remove him from office, I am asking Supervisor Williams to resign his position on the Board of Supervisors effectively immediately.
I am grateful to Supervisor Williams for his service to the County and to the Broad Run District, and my thoughts are with him and his family at this difficult time.
Scott K. York
Chairman, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

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Loudoun County Board of Supervisor Charged in Assault Case (0.00 / 0[delete comment]
From the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office:
September 6, 2015Loudoun County, VA- Loudoun County Board of Supervisor Shawn M. Williams, 44, was charged this morning with simple assault and unlawful entry, both misdemeanors.
Loudoun County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the 21800 block of Wingate Court in Ashburn, VA, around 1AM for a report of a male subject who pushed his way into a neighbor's home and pushed the victim during a dispute.
Williams was taken to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center and will be released later today.

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