Yes, Virginia, This Is Our Next Attorney General!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Here are a few highlights from out Attorney General-elect's latest "Cuccinelli Compass." Yes, Virginia, we really did elect this guy.

*The heading of the newsletter is "Isn’t Snow In the Middle of Global Warming Inconvenient?"

*He calls the delegates to the recent, international climate change conference in Copenhagen, "enraptured global warming radicals" and "the modern radical environmental movement headed by Al Gore."

*He says that Steve Shannon - a moderate/conservative Democrat - is "from the PC run amok camp" for "believing" (Cooch mocks that word too) in the voluminous science of anthropogenic global warming.

*He hypes the so-called "climategate" scandal, which of course is only "scandalous" to the Glenn Becks and Ken Cuccinellis of the world. He claims that "climategate" would make it unlikely Steve Shannon would debate him on global warming today and claims that, "true to form, he would not debate the subject" during the campaign.

*He mocks the concept that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas whose emissions should be limited: "I would also note that CO2 is used by plants in photosynthesis… and of course, we don’t want too much of THAT going on!"

*He warns that "The environmental arena may end up being an area of significant conflict with the Federal government during my term as AG, but only time will tell!"

*He refers his readers to the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights website, where you can watch John Allison inform us that "capitalism, far from being the cause of today’s crisis, is its only cure." If you look at Allison's slideshow - which Cuccinelli approvingly points us to ("John did a great job making a complex subject manageable, so I recommend this for anyone"), strongly implying that he agrees with it - you'll also discover that "government policies" were the "primary cause" of the financial crisis, that "Only government can make a mistake of this magnitude possible," that the "Most fundamental issue is the attack on capitalism/free markets," that we should "privatize Medicare, Social Security, and education," that we should should slash defense spending and encourage immigration (I wonder if Cooch agrees with those two items), and that the "Death of Democracies" comes from "Tyranny of Majority." Fascinating, huh?

Yes, this is the guy that's going to be Virginia's Attorney General beginning in a few weeks: an anti-environment, anti-science, Ayn Rand-spouting, right-wing radical. Don't anyone say you weren't warned...