Chap Puts Me In His "Decade of Zeroes"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm not sure that being put on a "Decade of Zeroes" list is much of an honor, but coming from a great guy like Chap Petersen, I guess I'll take it. :)
Most Talented Blogger: Lowell Feld. The man who created "Raising Kaine" is still at it five years later. Great eye for the absurdity of politics. (honorable mention to Vincent Harris on the conservative side).
Thanks Chap, I honestly can't believe I'm still doing this "five years later." Unfortunately, my post-RK plan to get back to working on energy issues hasn't quite worked out yet. In addition, I've pretty much concluded that I'm addicted to politics and writing, so here I am. Plus, there's got to be a runnerup to the "Most Influential Political Blog," Not Larry Sabato, which you aptly describe as "Everybody hates on it but everybody reads it." The question is, will they still be reading NLS and will I still be writing Blue Virginia when you run for Governor Attorney General whatever it is you're running for in 2013? :)