Del.-Elect Scott Surovell and "The War on Fairfax"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Over at Virginia Tomorrow, Bob Holsworth appears to have noticed Delegate-elect Scott Surovell's rant about "The War on Fairfax". In short, Chap Petersen's law partner (and my friend) Scott Surovell (D-44th) is mad as hell - at "the attack on the poor and Fairfax County’s Middle Class" - and he's not going to take it anymore. Scott Surovell: Born Fighting? :) Here's Bob Holsworth.
4. Surovell v. Kaine (and probably McDonnell too)

If you haven’t read Delegate-Elect Scott Surovell’s analysis of the outgoing Governor’s budget and what it may mean for NOVA, you should. Writing from a regional, NOVA-centric perspective, the newly elected Democratic delegate labels the Kaine budget the first volley in what he perceives as the emerging War on Fairfax. Surovell contends that the recommendation to delay K-12 “rebenchmarking”, proposed Medicaid cuts, and the tuition increases that will result from dramatic funding reductions to colleges and universities are an attack on the NOVA middle class. Surovell’s commentary is instructive for a number of reasons. It articulates a NOVA v. Richmond sentiment that is becoming increasingly prominent; it indicates that regional concerns often trump party loyalty in Virginia politics; and it establishes Surovell as a freshman delegate who is not simply heading to Richmond to go along to get along.
Keep in mind that Scott Surovell's not just some hotheaded young rabblerouser, that he's also one of the smartest, hardest working, most articulate people you'll ever know. Plus, he's a proud progressive, a born leader, and a fierce defender of Fairfax. Given all that, it should be verrrrry interesting (and highly entertaining) to watch Scott Surovell when he gets down to Richmond. Stay tuned!