Mo Elleithee: Republicans "playing politics with terrorism"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virginia's #2 most important political operative of the decade, Mo Elleithee, nails it:
There’s no question that Republicans, and especially Dick Cheney, are playing politics with terrorism.

How hypocritical and off-base are their attacks? Let us count the ways.


In 2001, following the attacks of 9/11 and the attempted shoe-bombing attack in December, Democrats didn’t criticize President Bush. We were united as a country. Everyone agreed that our security was more important than politics.

It is sad that eight years later, Republican leaders seems to have forgotten that lesson.
Yes, it's sad, but Republicans appear to be consumed with "Obama Derangement Syndrome," so it's also sadly unsurprising. (begin snark) Of course, wouldn't you be deranged if a Republican president had just saved the economy from complete meltdown and was trying to get you affordable, quality health care? Yeah, I know, it's horrible! Makes me froth at the mouth just thinking about it. (end snark)