Miles Grant on Green Jobs and the Employee Free Choice Act

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good job by Miles!

Meanwhile, in other news from the 47th House of Delegates district Democratic nomination contest:

*Alan Howze says "By midnight on March 31st I have to raise an additional $10,000." (or he self destructs? - lol) Howze adds that "even if we [knocked on doors] everyday, all day, from today until election day we still couldn't talk to every voter."

*Adam Parkhomenko receives the endorsements of the Arlington Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association and the SEIU/NAGE.

*All five candidates turned in their petitions yesterday, and ballot order was determined by ACDC Chair Peter Rousellot as follows: 1) Miles Grant; 2) Andres Tobar; 3) Patrick Hope; 4) Alan Howze; and 5) Adam Parkhomenko.

*Three out of the five candidates - Adam Parkhomenko, Miles Grant, Patrick Hope - have answered my blog questionnaire. The other two - Andres Tobar and Alan Howze - have not. I hope to receive the last two candidates' responses before the first debate on April 2.