Draft Levar Stoney for House of Delegates?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I like Levar Stoney a lot and would be very happy if this were true.
With the retirement last week of longtime Delegate Frank Hall, an prominent district has opened in the House of Delegates and already potential candidates are lining up. Among them is Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Levar Stoney. Stoney is a rising star in Democratic Party circles who rose to prominence in the state party ranks at a relativley young age. He also is the first African American to hold the post of Executive Director in the DPVA.

A pretty well organized effort is afoot to “draft” stoney to run for Hall’s open seat in Virginia’s 69th District which includes portions of Chesterfield and Richmond. A new blog has emerged ( and a companion twitter account. The two tout Stoney’s leadership at DPVA and encourages voters to support Stoney as the “real democrat” in Virginia’s 69th district.

I'm not sure what "real Democrat" means exactly, but Levar certainly is a strong Democrat and - as far as I know - a progressive. I'll try to get some comment directly from Levar...