Ben Criticizes "God"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(/begin snark) Now that Ben Tribbett has criticized "God" (as in "Mark Warner is God"), the question is, will "God" smite him? Ha. I don't know, but it's times like this I'm sure glad I'm an atheist. :) (/end snark)

Seriously, though, I'm still waiting for a definition of "radical centrist" from "God," and am looking to see whether "He" ends up more with the "radical" or "centrist" part of that phrase. So far, according to the Washington Post's "Congress Votes" database, "Mark Warner has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 94.4% of the time during the current Congress." I mean, I'm all for Warner voting with the Democrats, since I agree with them on most things, but I'm not sure there's anything "radical" about that. To the contrary, I believe that the Democrats are the "centrist" party in America today, in the sense that they represent the sentiments of the majority of people.

Unfortunately, today's Republicans are both "radical" and "far to the right of center." If "radical centrist" means working with right-wing radicals, I'm definitely not for that. However, if it means working with the few sane Republicans - Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Alren Specter - left in the U.S. Senate, that's fine by me. It will be interesting to see, as Mark Warner settles in to his new job, which direction he goes.