Maybe LeMunyon Should Write for The Onion?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over in the 67th House of Delegates district, Del. Chuck Caputo's (D) opponent, Jim LeMunyon, is providing some (apparently) unintentional hilarity. For starters, LeMunyon - a run-of-the-mill hardcore, conservative Republican - is laughably attempting to pull a Bob McDonnell and pass himself off to voters as a "moderate." Yeah, right, uh huh. In addition, LeMunyon has some rather...amusing, I guess...ideas about public education, such as allowing Fairfax County schools to have open enrollment, which would let students from other counties attend Fairfax schools. Here's what the Caputo campaign believes that would look like (click to "embiggen").

Looks like fun, no? :)

On yet another humorous note, what's the deal with LeMunyon publishing the details of transportation projects from around the 67th district (e.g., widening of Stringfellow Road) in his newsletter ("The LeMunyon Momentum" - ha, try saying that 10 times fast!), when these are all projects that Chuck Caputo helped make happen? Is LeMunyon really trying to take credit for the projects or does he simply not understand what being a delegate means. Either way, LeMunyon's demonstrating that he's more qualified to write for The Onion than to run for Virginia's House of Delegates. LeMunyon's a talented satirist, even if he doesn't realize he's doing it. :)