Dick Cranwell: McDonnell Should Condemn Mullins' Attacks on Obama

Friday, May 15, 2009

From Democratic Party Chairman C. Richard Cranwell:
Dear Attorney General McDonnell --

As many Virginians are aware, the new hand-picked chairman of your party made a series of beyond-the-pale comments earlier this week.

As the Washington Post and CNN reported, RPV Chair Pat Mullins questioned the patriotism of our Commander-in-Chief and called Virginia's senior senator "an embarrassment."

"I don't have to defend a president who goes overseas and bows to dictators that would like to destroy this country," Chairman Mullins said on Monday in Virginia Beach.

This afternoon, you told WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi: "I haven't heard any of those comments. And comments that are incendiary, that's not my style; I think we need more civility in government.... That doesn't sound like the Pat Mullins that I know."

As a courtesy, we are enclosing with this fax the stories from the Washington Post and CNN about Chairman Mullins offensive comments.

In a statement you released this month, you praised Chairman Mullins' selection as chairman and called him "a dedicated, conscientious conservative leader."

We hope you'll join us in condemning these irresponsible attacks on our Commander-in-Chief and a decorated Vietnam War hero. We look forward to hearing your response.

Thank you,

C. Richard Cranwell
Democratic Party of Virginia