What Do Norment & Howell Have in Common With Donald Trump

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From DPVA:
They all put their misogyny on full display last week.

Trump: Offensive remarks about Fox News Debate Moderator Megyn Kelly.

Howell, Norment, and Virginia Republicans: Kicking a qualified woman off the Supreme Court of Virginia, attempts to defund women's health clinics.

Donald Trump's recent offensive comments were outrageous - but not any more outrageous than Virginia Republicans' latest front in their war on women.

"Donald Trump's war on women is alive and well in the Republican Party of Virginia - look no further than Speaker Howell and Leader Norment's efforts to kick a qualified woman off the Supreme Court," said Morgan Finkelstein, Press Secretary at the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Donald Trump would be right at home in the Republican Party of Virginia."