Tuesday News Headlines: Rogue Drones, "Alphabet," Trump and Big Liar Dick Black

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, August 11. Also, click on that link to learn about the increasingly more-than-competitive economics and advanced technology of wind power.

*So now they care about sexism? The ugly hypocrisy of the right's reaction to Trump's Kelly slur
*A shoddy system ("What Trump's rise says about our politics." Nothing good.)
*GOP Hopefuls Slam Trump As Unfit For Presidency, Vow To Back Him If He Wins Nomination (Got that? Uhhh.)
*Meet ALEC's (Hoped For) Man in Washington: Scott Walker (Walker is heinous.)
*Rogue drones a growing nuisance across the U.S.
*Google Is Now Alphabet. Here's Why It Had to Evolve.
*Trump taps voter discontent, but might hurt GOP, analysts say (Might? He most certainly should hurt them, as he accurately reflects the Republican Party's angry, ugly, nasty soul these days.)
*House Republicans push legislation to challenge EPA's Clean Power rules (This garbage - hostility towards solar, wind, energy efficiencty, environmental protection - is a major reason why Republicans need to be unelected from Congress ASAP.)
*How the Bush Family Aided Planned Parenthood's Rise ("George H.W. Bush wasn't nicknamed 'Rubbers' for nothing.")
*Republicans took a big political risk on abortion in the Fox debate
*Protests return to Ferguson streets, state of emergency declared
*Black caucus backs Roush in SCOVA judge scuffle ("Explanations given for removing her are vague, perplexing, and inexplicable.")
*On uranium, Virginia should have a say
*Politifact: Dick Black earns 'pants on fire' for statement about McCabe, Planned Parenthood
*Va. lawmaker criticized by factchecker over Planned Parenthood tweets (What else would you expect from raving bigot, extremist, etc. Sen. Dick Black?)
*Battle over Va. justice heats up as Democrats demand hearings ("In a rare move, Republicans promised to oust McAuliffe's pick even though they agree she's qualified.")
*ABC agents involved in Martese Johnson arrest return to duty(Seriously?!?)
*Editorial: Norfolk's corporate-welfare outrage
*Our view: Is Bedrosian right or wrong?
*Can Virginia end veteran homelessness?
*Nationals power up, start West Coast swing by throttling Dodgers, 8-3 (Keep it up!)
*D.C. area forecast: A rainy day, then weather perfection through week's end