Sunday News: Virginia Special Session Coming Tomorrow; Candidates Descend on Iowa State Fair

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 16.*Trump, Sanders converge with Clinton at Iowa fair
*Bernie Sanders blasts Trump during Iowa speech: 'I apologize. We left the helicopter at home'
*Hillary Clinton drops her guard in Iowa ("Somehow, she managed to meet 'everyday Americans' amid the mob scene at the Iowa State Fair.")
*Jeff Flake's 'no' dims Barack Obama's hope of bipartisan support on Iran (Republicans put party and loyalty to their right-wing "base" over the interests of our country.)
*Trump Force One lands at the Iowa State Fair ("Donald Trump vowed to spend as much as $1 billion to defeat Hillary Clinton as he brought his unique brand of pandemonium to Des Moines.")
*Backers fear old weaknesses stalk Clinton campaign ("As Bernie Sanders's popularity grows and the e-mail bad news gets worse, some Democrats see the front-runner as insular, defensive and tone-deaf to changes.")
*Editorial: Congress should reauthorize Voting Rights Act
*Investigations Into Planned Parenthood Are Falling Totally Flat (Because Planned Parenthood did absolutely nothing illegal.)
*Jeb Bush Calls Common Core 'Poisonous,' Forgets He Actually Supports It (Is "JEB" really as stupid as he sounds all the time?)
*Supreme Court fight could define redistricting session
*Redistricting proposal plugged as 'a purple plan'
*Carl Tobias: And justices for all ("Governor McAuliffe and the General Assembly should promptly work together to implement changes that will enhance the process for selecting Supreme Court Justices.")
*Va. Republicans' judicial pick may not have filed conflict-of-interest forms ("Judge Rossie Alston Jr. is looking for the disclosure documents, but the state has no records for two years.")
*State Democratic Party gets boost from N.Y. donor
*Fight over Gov. McAuliffe's court pick likely will push redistricting aside ("Virginia's GOP lawmakers prefer to use a special legislative session to oust a state Supreme Court justice.")
*Beach leaders need to reverse vote, oppose drilling
*Court clerks and electronic records: An old office with a new challenge
*Our view: A solar farm in Southwest Virginia?
*The toll of police shootings in Fairfax ("Hopefully the police in Fairfax are starting to get the message that openness is a critical part of their compact with the community their serve.")
*Brat to host two town halls, participate in two others (How do you spell Brat? C-R-A-Z-Y)
*Stumbling Nats reach .500 for the season after 12-6 loss to Giants
*D.C. area forecast: Sunny and hot, with humidity on the rise