Live Blog: Virginia General Assembly Special Session

Monday, August 17, 2015

A few highlights (lowlights?) so far (9:41 am) from today's Virginia General Assembly special session.

@jennaportnoy Watkins, retiring moderate Republican, was only GOP 'no' on Alston. He was one of few Rs for Medicaid expansion too. (A dying breed, sad to say...)
@PilotOnPolitics The Senate did not elect Alston. GOP's Watkins joined Democrats to create 20-20 tie. Ralph Northam voted no. So election of Alston fails.
@MarkKeam  VA Republican State Senator John Watkins announces he can't vote for Court of Appeals Judge Rossie Alston because process has been broken. (Note: Even thought Sen. Watkins is a Republican, he's a man of integrity and good sense. I'm going to miss him.)
@NARALVirginia Sen. @TommyNorment admits he is firing Roush b/c Governor "didn't make a phone call." And THIS is why we're reducing woman to political pawn
‏@AmyEGardner "Lord knows, I hate to read newspapers, for obvious reasons." Virginia Senator Tommy Norment.
@amaxsmith Sen. Saslaw: We don't need this nomination - we have someone already, Judge Roush.
"Couldn't find anybody more qualified"
@alana_austin "This isn't fair. This isn't right. This is unprecedented." - Sen. @Donald_McEachin
@alana_austin Sen. @Donald_McEachin says the system is "rigged." Say Roush, sitting SCOVA justice, hasn't even gotten an interview.
@amaxsmith #VaSenate now taking up nomination of Judge Rossie Alston to #SCOVA. Sen Norment focuses on fact selection of judges is left to Gen Assembly
@TravisFain After some huddling on protocol, McEachin effort to have Roush certified as well passed by for the day.
@TravisFain Senate Courts cmt has certified judge Alston for Supreme Court.
@jennaportnoy Del Hugo said "The governor gave [Roush] bad advice that he would politically muscle this through."
‏@jennaportnoy Del. Miller blames Dems for playing "game of identity politics" - "There's no war on women but that's the narrative they want to play."
@JennMcClellanVA  The @VAHouseDems ladies are wearing pink to show our support for Justice Roush.
[I've got to head out, will be back later for more of this fun ;)]
@alana_austin Del. Watts says electing Justice Roush to VA Supreme Court furthers goal of equal representation of women in the legal profession.
@Lopez4VA  Delegate Vivian Watts speaking eloquently in support of Virginia Supreme Court Justice Roush.
@C_Herring  Just finished speaking on the House Floor asking that we give Justice Roush a #fairhearing and vote. She deserves it!  (Great job by Del. Herring!)
@momofink lol Kirk Cox's one-min goodbye speeches for Berg + Futrell and lengthy soliloquy for Joannou
11:34 am: Nauseating listening to right-wingnut Del. Chris Cox lavishing praise on anti-Medicaid "Democrat" Johnny Joannou, who fortunately was defeated in the June primary by a REAL Democrat, Steve Heretick.
@MichaelLeePope  Proto-Delegate-elect @MarkLevineTalk marks his first appearance on House floor by posting on Facebook
@amaxsmith  #VaHouse back - approve the rules. Also pass resolution limiting business to redistricting for US House, judicial elex, confirming appts etc
‏@amaxsmith  #VaHouse goes into recess for about 15 mins so Courts cmte can certify Alston pick to #SCOVA
@VaHouse  The House is now in session.  Live video - http://virginia-house.granicus...
@AliciaPetska Va. House recognizes Del. Bagby, who's replacing controversial Del. Morrissey. Spkr Howell: We're happy to have you here for lot of reasons.
@marcussimon Governor of Virginia addresses Democratic Caucus
@MichaelLeePope Del. Vivian Watts (D-39) questions two Rossie Alston rulings, @JacksonMillerVA responds Democrats are trying to drag him "through the mud"
@TravisFain Saslaw on Judge Alston's chances in Senate: "They don't have the votes to get him through..."Right now," Saslaw adds. Senate Republicans are caucusing now.
@TravisFain  Sen. Norment doesn't want to talk to @Daily_Press. "Don't even waste your time," he says. Won't say why.
@TravisFain  Judge Alston on whether Justice Roush has been treated fairly: "I can't comment on legislative process."
@TravisFain Dems, plus Albo, vote to give Roush a SCOVA hearing in cmt. Fails. Other R's vote against.
‏@alana_austin Community groups say in House Briefing room that Va lawmakers should allow public to examine maps before voting.
@alana_austin Sen. McEachin reveals discussion he had w/ Alston. Alston said his faith makes him a Republican. McEachin said his makes him a Democrat.
@amaxsmith McEachin asks any circumstance where person could cite religious beliefs to refuse service to blacks, LGBT - Alston says personal view is no
@momofink "Is this a new low?" asks @JacksonMillerVA, apparently born without a sense of irony, after a Dem dares to ask some interview questions
@marcussimon So far everything at GA is according to script. GOP dominated committees vote to redistrict by tinkering with 3rd and not to interview Roush
@MichaelLeePope  House Republicans vote against interviewing #FairfaxCounty Judge Jane Roush for Virginia Supreme Court vacancy
@alana_austin  Del. @C_Herring asks Alston if he has a copy of his financial disclosure form. She says it wasn't included in packet for judicial panel.
@AliciaPetska  Cmte just adopted redistricting criteria. Del. Jones stressed GA won't do total redraw of map.
@PilotOnPolitics  Del. Chris Jones says the General Assembly will get public comment on a congressional redistricting plan today but will not vote.
@alana_austin Joint legislative hearing starting up now in the General Assembly Building dealing with VA Supreme Ct interviews.