Dollars Per Vote

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How much did candidates spend yesterday per vote? Here are a few interesting ones (total spent per VPAP divided by number of votes per the State Board of Elections).

Creigh Deeds: $14.50 per vote (winner)
Brian Moran: $40.43 per vote
Terry McAuliffe: $68.25 per vote

Lieutenant Governor
Mike Signer: $3.40 per vote
Jody Wagner: $4.00 per vote (winner)

35th HoD Democratic Primary
John Carroll: $33.41 per vote
Mark Keam: $44.86 per vote (winner)
Roy Baldwin: $86.43 per vote
Esam Omeish: $106.08 per vote

38th HoD Democratic Primary
Kaye Kory: $18.34 per vote (winner)
Bob Hull: $40.53 per vote

47th HoD Democratic Primary
Patrick Hope: $6.50 per vote (winner)
Miles Grant: $12.34 per vote
Andres Tobar: $22.35 per vote
Alan Howze: $35.67 per vote
Adam Parkhomenko: $44.43 per vote

52nd HoD Democratic Primary
Michael Hodge: $12.32 per vote
Luke Torian: $25.98 per vote (winner)

Sometimes the candidate who spent the most money per vote won, sometimes not. I don't really see a correlation here.