Republicans Nominate "Oklahoma City Truther" for Delegate!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Even for Virginia Republicans, this is completely bonkers.
On Saturday, blogger Timothy Watson was on hand as the 99th House District Republicans held a convention to officially nominate someone to oppose Del. Albert Pollard (D-99) this November. Watson tweeted the following:

"It's offical: An OKC Truther is the nominee in the 99th."

For those that don't know: Catherine Crabill, GOP nominee in the 99th House District, believes that the federal government murdered 168 people at Oklahoma City in 1995, and not Timothy McVeigh. She stands by her position, and will tell that to anyone who asks...
I reiterate what Teacherken writes, that Catherine Crabill's statements "should extend far beyond the race in the 99th" and that every statewide Republican candidate (plus Rep. Rob Wittman and possibly non-statewide ones too) needs to be asked whether they agree with Crabill that "our government was culpable in the OKC bombing."

P.S. For much more on Crabill, see Fred2Blue, which is totally on top of this story.