Virginia Beach GOP Chair: Jeff Frederick is a "sideshow" (but come to my breakfast!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

You gotta love this: the Republican Party of Virginia's "embattled chairman," Jeff Frederick, is coming to speak at a Virginia Beach GOP breakfast meeting Saturday morning. But, before he even gets there, the city's GOP chairman, Kenny Golden, is already slamming him.
Golden said he is personally fond of Frederick, but signed the petition because he believes a leadership change is needed so Republicans can focus on electing former attorney general Bob McDonnell governor.

"When you become controversial and you've got a guy running for governor, that's not a good thing," Golden said. "The guy running for governor needs to be the star. He doesn't need a sideshow distraction, and that's what Jeff has become."
So, Mr. Golden, why do you want a "sideshow distraction" (one that you don't "need") speaking to your breakfast? Also, is this how you always welcome guests to your committee? Niiiice.