Video: Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) Alleges "Vast" Conspiracy Bent on "killing and destroying faith in America today"

Monday, November 2, 2015

For more on the latest unhinged rantings of this lunatic, about a supposed "vast" conspiracy hell-bent on "killing and destroying faith in America today" (huh?!? name one organization that wants to do that), who also happens to be in the U.S. Congress from Virginia's 4th district, see here. And for more Randy Forbes nuttiness (and bigotry), see Randy Forbes Rants Against Anti-Gay Hate Crimes Legislation, The Climate Zombie Caucus Of The 112th Congress (Forbes is on the list, of course!), Forbes says Army training program listed evangelical Christians and al-Qaida as extremists, David Barton's Lies in Action: Randy Forbes Reintroduces 'Spiritual Heritage' Resolution, Rep. Randy Forbes Is Unfit to Serve – As Chairman, etc, etc. Hopefully, new Congressional district lines will make Forbes more vulnerable to defeat in 2016, but regardless, Democrats badly need to run a strong candidate against this nut.