Republican propaganda masquerades as Washington Post Virginia politics coverage

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is this the worst article ever written by the Washington Post about Virginia politics? I mean, where to even start? How about the phrase "bewildering calm prevails?" Face is, there's nothing "bewildering" about a situation in which both chambers of the Gen. Assembly are controlled by the same party, and in which almost all progressive legislation is killed in subcommittees (where there's almost no sunlight/media attention), that is seems "calm." But it's not "bewildering" in the least bit if you think about it for 2 seconeds. As for "quietly doing the people's business," that's only true if you think that doing the business of...well, BUSINESS is the same as working for "the people." Bottom line: it's pathetic when the media simply parrots the establishment's talking points, doesn't dig for the real story, doesn't ask tough questions, has no clue what it's even talking about, etc. Yet this article fits into all those categories. #FAIL on all levels.