Dominion Buys the Virginia Legislature: Part Infinity

Monday, February 2, 2015

(UPDATE: I hear Commerce and Labor voted aye on this godawful Dominion bill (SB 1349 14-1. Yep, Dominion owns the place. - promoted by lowkell)

See the tweets below for the latest example of what Dominion Power's money will buy in the Virginia General Assembly. As a Democratic Senate source of mine emailed me a few minutes ago: "Dominion gives them money, and they told them if they didn't support it, they would pull the money... it only seems to take a few million dollars to buy off the legislature, and the entire state." So, next time you hear a Virginia politician waxing on about how wonderful our state is, how much "better" we are than other states, etc, you might want to remind them that Dominion owns them.