Dominion Trying to Buy the VA General Assembly; Challenge the "Dominion-opoly"

Sunday, February 1, 2015

From the Virginia Sierra Club (I'd just add that Dominion isn't just "trying to buy the VA General Assembly," it already has!):
The greed of Dominion Virginia Power knows no bounds. Will the General Assembly give Dominion what it wants in an election year with Dominion dangling up to a million dollars in campaign contributions to Republicans and Democrats alike? 
Right now Dominion has a bill in the legislature (SB1349 - Senator Frank Wagner) to prohibit review of its overcharges by the State Corporation Commission and to allow the company to keep those overcharges that in the past have been refunded to customers. 
Shamelessly, Dominion is using the EPA's climate action, the Clean Power Plan, as their excuse for this power grab.  Dominion is telling legislators that the costs of the EPA's climate plan will be very high, but that Dominion is willing to absorb those costs if the legislators will just freeze their rates and block the State corporation Commission from reviewing them. The problem is that Dominion is on track to score $280 million in excess profits for this past year alone.  
We'll keep you informed on how action on this bill goes, and how your Senator and Delegate voted. Please take action today!
Thank you,
Glen Besa, Director
Sierra Club Virginia Chapter