Fairfax Provisionals Counted as Midnight Deadline Approaches in Virginia AG Race

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We're coming down the home stretch in the Virginia Attorney General's race, at least prior to any possible recount. Here's the latest, with Democrat Mark Herring leading Republican Mark Obenshain according to the State Board of Elections website by 117 votes (1,103,610-1,103,493).UPDATE 9:39 pm: ‏@amaxsmith tweets," Hand count. +2 Herring in 11th. +2 Herring in 10th; +3 obenshain." @jeisrael of ThinkProgress tweets, "With Herring winning hand counts 4 to 3, Herring gains 57 in Fairfax and wins by 163 votes out of 2M+" @notlarrysabato tweets, "Final score going into recount.  Herring 1,103,778. Obenshain 1,103,615."
UPDATE 9:36 pm: Julie Carey tweets, "JUST IN: UNOFFICIAL  on #FairfaxCo provisionals. Herring 156, Obenshain 100 and 7 ballots left to handcount." And with that, MARK HERRING WILL SHORTLY BE CERTIFIED AS THE WINNER OF THE VIRGINIA ATTORNEY GENERAL'S RACE! Woo-hoo! :)
UPDATE 9:31 pm: ‏@amaxsmith tweets, "Tapes running 60 Herring 48 obenshain in 11th. Still without hand counts...In 10th it's 29-18 Herring over obenshain" ‏@CamThompsonWNEW tweets, "For the 8th: 67 for Herring. 34 for Obenshain."
UPDATE 9:28 pm:  ‏@BettinaLawton tweets, "#Fairfaxfinale torn ballots and write - ins are delaying the results"
UPDATE 9:26 pm: Sorry Ben, but I've got to strongly agree with Julie Carey on this one! LOL
UPDATE 9:13 pm: ‏@amaxsmith tweets, "Some of the ballots are jamming or getting error messages from machines.  One ballot came up as over voted in #vaag. Observers watching." ‏@CamThompsonWNEW tweets, "10th Congressional District is done minus the ones that need to be hand-counted"
UPDATE 9:09 pm: The State Board of Elections website is now updated, showing a 106-vote lead for Mark Herring. I believe all that's left is Fairfax County, but not 100% sure (others, including Ben Tribett, say that's all the counties, other than Fairfax).
UPDATE 9:07 pm: ‏@JulieCareyNBC tweets, "Progress! Provisional ballots are now going into the scanners." @ClinicEscort tweets, "Now the members of the board will eat dinner, walk their dogs, do their taxes, before counting."
UPDATE 8:59 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, "All other localities have CERTIFIED results.  This is it.  (That doesn't mean SBE has reported all)" Ben is also doing a "best and worst dressed" list. I'm glad I'm safely at home! LOL
UPDATE 8:53 pm: @amaxsmith tweets, "Each sealed ballot being opened, put into box per congressional district. Only then are they fed thru machine and we learn vote ct." Are we having fun yet? ;)
UPDATE 8:37 pm: @JulieCareyNBC tweets, "FINALLY, they are firing up the vote scanning machines, testing them before running ballots through." What next, are they going to use an abacus to tally the results and a carrier pigeon to report them to the State Board of Elections in Richmond? (snark)
UPDATE 8:32 pm: Max Smith tweets, "Board will now start opening accepted provisional ballots."