Audio: Bob McDonnell Says Mark Obenshain Should Ask for Recount; Winner Likely "Before Christmas"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here are Gov. Bob McDonnell's thoughts on the Virginia AG's race situation. Among other things, McDonnell says "there's no winner or loser yet" in the AG's race, so he hasn't called Mark Herring to congratulate him (despite the fact that the State Board of Elections yesterday certified Herring's win); that Mark Obenshain should ask for a recount (McDonnell: "I would"); that there likely will be "multiple court hearings" in this process; and that Virginia "conducts fair and competent elections, and I haven't heard anything system-wide that would lead me to think anything different about this [election]." McDonnell also foresees a winner "before Christmas," which would strongly imply that Mark Obenshain will NOT contest the election (since if he did, it would almost certainly drag on past Christmas).
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