Bob McDonnell: "We're all liberals at heart. We just don't want to pay for it"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

From an interview with the always excellent Marc Fisher at the Washington Post comes the following gem by Pat Robertson Republican and candidate for governor of Virginia, Bob "can't recall" McDonnell:
"We're all liberals at heart," he says. "We just don't want to pay for it."
This, from a man Marc Fisher accurately describes as "a hard-core social conservative who was groomed for politics at the Rev. Pat Robertson's Regent University law school." Also, does anyone else see the utter absurdity, breathtaking cynicism, moral and intellectual bankruptcy of what Bob McDonnell is arguing: namely, that we all KNOW we need to invest in absolutely crucial areas like education, health care, environment, transportation infrastructure, etc. - but we (defined as "Republicans" like Bob McDonnell) simply won't pay for it.

Again, having concluded that these things are necessary, the Bob McDonnells of the world then refuse to face up to the obvious logic, that we need MONEY to pay for the stuff. Thus, the face of modern conservatism, where they're all "liberals at heart," but without the brains to know how to govern - or the hearts to truly care.