Video: Ted Cruz Surrogate Ken Cuccinelli Lies; Turns out Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Favorability Gains FAR Greater than Cruz's

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

by Lowell

I posted this video in the comments section of the daily news clips, noting that Ted Cruz surrogate Ken Cuccinelli tried, but failed miserably, to spin Cruz's imminent loss to Donald Trump in Iowa, where basically Cruz has to win, since the Republican electorate there is dominated by hard-right fundamentalists who should be his natural supporters. Among other problems with Cooch's argument is the following statement, at the start of the interview with Chris Hayes:

"Where Ted Cruz was at the beginning of this race in March when he got in and his favorability ratings then compared to now, nobody has moved as favorably among ordinary Americans as they've gotten to know him as Ted Cruz."

Let's check that audacious claim out at HuffPost Pollster, which has favorability ratings graphs for all the candidates.

Turns out that since March 23, 2015, when Ted Cruz announced his candidacy at the Orwellian-named "Liberty" "University," his favorable/unfavorable rating has gone from 30%-37% (-7 points net unfavorable) to a whopping...uh, 38%-42% (-4 points net unfavorable) on January 19, 2016. That's a gain of 3 paltry points for Cruz, who remains in net unfavorable territory among "ordinary Americans."

So how about Donald Trump, who's about to destroy any delusionss Crazy Calgary Cruz had about being president of the United States? Turns out Trump's gone from a hideous 21%-68% (-47 points net unfavorable!) back in May 2015 to a still-bad, but much-improved, 40%-54% (-14 points net unfavorable) now. That's a "yuge" gain of 33 points for Trump, totally contradicting Cooch's claim that "nobody has moved as favorably among ordinary Americans as they've gotten to know him as Ted Cruz." #FAIL

Finally, let's take a look at Bernie Sanders' favorability ratings. Turns out, Sanders has gone from 9%-10% (-1 points net unfavorable; basically almost nobody knew who he was) back in March 2015 to 47%-37% (+10 points net FAVORABLE) now. That's a gross gain of 38 points in terms of favorable ratings for Sanders, compared to a gross gain of just 8 points for Cruz. In short, as "ordinary Americans" have gotten to know the candidates, the favorability ratings have shot sharply for Bernie Sanders, and to an extent Donald Trump, but most certainly NOT for Cooch's candidate, Ted Cruz. So hoo hoo.  LOL

In short...Cooch is lying about Cruz's favorability ratings no matter how you look at it.