PPP: Virginia Looking a Nice Shade of Progressive "Blue" on Guns, Medicaid, Gay Marriage, etc.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Courtesy of Public Policy Polling (click on image below to "embiggen"), Virginia's looking pretty darned progressive these days -- strong majority support for background checks to purchase a gun (86%-8%), for Medicaid expansion (56%-30%), for gay marriage (only 27% say it's a negative thing) and for paid sick days (64%-19%); and even slight plurality support (44%-42%) for "Obamacare." :)
P.S. Also, "Just 35% of Virginians support the flying of the Confederate flag over government buildings, to 51% who are opposed." The only one I disagree with my fellow Virginians on is the R**skins name, where "Only 22% of Virginians support changing the name...66% are opposed," although "Democrats (39/41) closely divided."