10th State Senate District Republican Nominee Gets it 180-Degrees Wrong on Virginia Economy

Friday, June 12, 2015

As you can see from his Facebook post below, Glen Sturtevant, the Republican nominee for State Senate from the 10th District, clearly has no understanding of Econ 101. Here, he gets is exactly, 180-degrees backwards on what's going on with Virginia's economy. Pointing to an article talking about how Virginia's economy didn't grow in 2014 (after four years of a Republican governor, and after many years of Republicans controlling one or both branches of the state legislature), Sturtevant somehow manages to claim it's because Virginia isn't business-friendly enough. In fact, Virginia was rated the 8th best state in the country for business in 2014, after many years (mostly under Democratic governors) in which we were #1.All this gets us to the main point: Virginia has fallen a bit in the rankings and economic performance not because of any anti-business laws the General Assembly has passed (note: it hasn't!), but because of...yep, members of Sturtevant's OWN PARTY in Congress, who have imposed onerous budget cuts/"sequestration," plus a pay freeze for federal workers, which have hurt the entire country and particularly the DC metro region. Note the first line of the article Sturtevant links to (but apparently either didn't read or wasn't able to comprehend): "When it came to the economy, 2014 wasn't exactly a banner year for D.C., Maryland and Virginia."
That's right, it's NOT just Virginia, it's all three jurisdictions bordering the nation's capital. What they have in common is that they've all been disproportionately harmed by what Republicans in Congress have done the past few years.
But does Republican Glen Sturtevant blame his own party for this? Nope. Why not? Two possibilities: 1) he's utterly ignorant of economics and budgets, in which case he's certainly unfit to serve in the Virginia State Senate; 2) he's just outright lying, in which case he's also completely unfit to serve in the Virginia State Senate. Take your pick, just don't vote for this clown.