Video: Romney, McDonnell Ally on Husband Moving to Saudi Arabia So He Can Beat "Rebellious" Wife

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just keep in mind, as you watch this video of Pat Robertson basically advocating that a man "move to Saudi Arabia" so he can beat his "rebellious child" of a wife, that he's a close ally of his "good friend," Virginia Governor "Bobby" McDonnell, and also a strong supporter of Willard "Mitt" Romney (in fact, Robertson just appeared on stage with him the other day in Virginia Beach). According to Robertson, "you can't divorce her, according to the Scripture, so I say, move to Saudi Arabia," where (Robertson says) you are allowed to physically beat your wife. I wonder if McDonnell and/or Romney will condemn Robertson for these outrageous, viciously misogynistic comments, not to mention all the other bigoted, hateful things he's said over the years? Hmmmm...what's that I hear, the sounds of crickets quietly chirping? P.S. By the way, is there any particular reason why the story of Robertson's ties to Romney is not at LEAST as big a story as Rev. Wright was in 2008? Oh yeah, must be that "liberal-biased media' again. Heh.