Racist, Offensive Mecklenburg, VA Republican Committee Photos Show What We're Fighting Against

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party of Virginia has disgraced itself (on its Facebook page), but at the same time it's also clearly demonstrated what today's John Birch Society, aka "Republican Party," is all about (note: also recall the recent mock lynching of "Nobama" in Centreville). It also reminds us, as clear as can be, what we're fighting against this election (and in general against this version of the Teapublican Party): unabashed racism, extremism, anger, hatred, intolerance, Islamophobia, insanity, and ignorance. Check out a sampling of photos they find amusing, and which really say it all. Oh, and don't forget: VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6 for EVERY DEMOCRAT on the ballot!P.S. The Republican Party of Virginia has ordered that these offensive photos be taken down, but I'd point out a couple things: 1) they were up there for a while, nobody noticed or found them offensive until now?!?; and 2) as of this morning, they're still up...
P.P.S. As someone in the Daily Kos comments section asked, where are the images of Republicans' good ideas? Uhhh...apparently, they don't have any, just bigotry, ignorance, etc. What happened to this once-great party? It's really, really tragic.
UPDATE: Forgot to mention, GREAT work by Progress Virginia in uncovering these images and shining a light on them!