Family Foundation Brings Its Speeecial Brand of (anti-LGBT) "Family Values" to Fairfax

Monday, May 4, 2015

Charming as always from these same fine folks: How Do You Get a 100% Rating from the Far-Far-Far Right "Family Foundation?"The Family Foundation objects to a rainbow flag flying at the Richmond Federal ReserveKen Cuccinelli to Rally This Evening with "gay-bashing, abortion-hating, home-school-loving group"; etc. This time, they're on a rampage against the horrors of one or two little kids possibly going pee-pee in the bathroom. I mean, start down that slippery slope, and next thing you know. "Mr. Smith" could start "wearing a dress" or even become "Ms. Smith." Yeah, these people have waaaaaayyy too much time on their hands, and are spending waaaaayyyy too much of that time thinking about other people's private parts, sex lives, etc.