Coastal Citizens Call on Legislators to Pass Del. Villanueva's "Virginia Coastal Protection Act"

Monday, January 26, 2015

The event today was sponsored and organized by the Virginia Conservation Network, with almost 200 people turning out in support of combatting climate change and protecting Virginia's coasts from rising seas. By the way, Del. Villanueva is a Republican, demonstrating that the Virginia GOP doesn't HAVE to be the reflexively anti-environmental, anti-science party.
Coastal Citizens Call on Virginia Legislators to Act on Rising Seas by Passing Bipartisan Flooding Solutions BillThe 'Virginia Coastal Protection Act' would raise up to $200 million annually through a proven regional system for cutting carbon pollution
RICHMOND-Scores of coastal Virginia residents converged on Richmond today to join the largest environmental lobby day of the year, and bring this message to state lawmakers: Pass the Virginia Coastal Protection Act. This bipartisan legislation would generate urgently needed funds to help Tidewater citizens and localities adapt to rising sea levels, while also reducing emissions of the heat-trapping pollution driving climate change impacts across the commonwealth.
"The water is here now, and it's only getting higher," said Bob Baxter, a resident of Norfolk's historic Riverview neighborhood and volunteer with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) who came to Richmond today. "Twice in two years, I've had to help my neighbor clean out a flooded home. The water even brought waste from the nearby zoo into her home. If the water rises seven more feet, as scientists say could happen in coming decades, then my house will be in danger as well. Something has to be done."
The Virginia Coastal Protection Act (SB 1428/HB 2205), introduced by Republican Delegate Ron Villanueva of Virginia Beach and Democratic Senator Donald McEachin of Richmond, is supported by the city of Norfolk through its lead representative in Richmond and by all of Virginia's major environmental groups. The bill is the priority focus of today's 2015 Conservation Lobby Day, sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN). Over 60 residents trekked to Richmond from the Hampton Roads region, joining over 100 more citizens from across Virginia.