Need Your Post-Thanksgiving Dose of Extremism and Insanity? Heeeere's Rick Santorum + EW Jackson!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mon Dec 01, 2014 at 08:05:13 AM EST

Nope, can't get much crazier or more extreme than the gruesome twosome of E.W. Jackson and Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum. A few "highlights" (lowlights?) from this call include:
  • Big Lie #1: Rick Santorum claims that, for the "first time in the history of our country, the government encroaching in a very very forceful way into people's religious liberty." That is 100% false, of course. If anything, the main assault on religion and tradition in this country is mass consumerism/materialism, aka the "free market." But of course you won't hear that from Santorum or Jackson.
  • Big Lie #2: Santorum claims that "separation of church and state" has never been part of the U.S. political system, while government has forced "religion back into the four walls of the church." This is just blatantly ignorant and false.
  • Big Lie #3: Santorum repeatedly claims that "religious liberty is under attack" by the government. That is blatantly false; in fact, religion in this country is arguably freer than it is anywhere in the world, possibly in human history.
  • Big Lie #4: Santorum claims that ths sentiment, "once you enter into business, you lose your freedom of religion," is growing in America. Also utter bull****.
  • E.W. Jackson says too many pastors have bought into the concept of separation of church and state. Well, yeah, perhaps because that's one of the fundamental underpinnings of our nation?!?
  • Santorum, along with the Family Research Council hate group, is pushing state legislators to watch his crazy/paranoid movie (on January 13, 2015) and to pass something called the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." Keep an eye out for both those things here in Virginia.
  • Santorum says he's doing "everything consistent with running [for President] in 2016," but "no decision yet." Personally, I say "run Rick run" (if for no other reason than comic relief!
  • Santorum says "separation of church and state" was in the constitution of the Soviet Union but not the U.S.," and that's where it belongs.
  • On Ferguson, Santorum says President Obama has been the "divider in chief," that he chose to "use it as a wedge issue." WTF?
  • Jackson goes on a rant about some member of the "homosexual organization" Human Rights Campaign board (Terry Bean) who is "one of Obama's biggest donors" was charged (along with "his former boyfriend - it pains me to even say such things") with "having sex in a hotel with a 15-year-old boy who they recruited online." Jackson says there's a "virtual boycott in the news" about this (even though it took me a 5-second Google search to find this CNN article about it - whatever). Jackson proceeds to rip homosexuality, claiming it "promotes this kind of behavior" that Terry Bean allegedly engaged in. Finally, Jackson claims that the media won't touch this one with a 10-foot pole, apparently because they are hell-bent on protecting President Obama. Seriously. Hahahahahahaha. 
  • Jackson urges Congress to not confirm any Obama nominees, to defund anything they can defund, possibly to shut down the government, whatever it takes to stop Obama's executive order on immigration and to bring this president "to heel"/stop him from "trampling on our freedom." 
  • Jackson blasts President Obama for "us[ing] as an advisor Al Sharpton," says "that tells you everything you need to know" - "case closed," there's "something so skewed about his judgment that it's just...or so radical in his ideology that it's just beyond comprehension that we've got someone like that actually sitting in White House occupying the office of the presidency, but that's what we've got." Yep, that's our EW Jackson! LOL
  • Jackson completely blames Michael Brown and completely absolves Darren Wilson for what happened in Ferguson. He further claims that anyone complaining that what happened in Ferguson might represent a form of discrimination/racism is a "race hustler." "These young black boys are going to have to be taught to respect authority...that you don't fight police officers...basic things."
As always, don't forget that E.W. Jackson was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia in 2013. Any further questions about this party?