Video: 7 Democratic Candidates Announce for Virginia 48th House of Delegates District

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The candidates are, in order, Rip Sullivan (introduced by Patrick Hope), Paul Holland (introduced by Ed Holland), David Bolling (introduced by Peg Willingham), Andrew Schneider (introduced by Colleen Wright), Yasmine Taeb (introduced by Atif Qarni), Atima Omara (introduced by Marj Signer), and Jackie Wilson (no introduction). It was a packed house tonight at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting, with just over 3 days to go until Democrats choose their nominee to replace Bob Brink as their delegate from the 48th House of Delegates district (note: see the comments section for the rest of the videos). P.S. I hear the ballot order is: Jacqueline H. Wilson; Richard C. "Rip" Sullivan; Andrew F. Schneider; Yasmine P. Taeb; Atima Omara-Alwala; Paul A. Holland; David A. Boling.