Straw Poll at 7th CD GOP Convention Shows Cantor Losing Badly to Dave Brat

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm not sure how much validity to give this straw poll of 7th CD Republican convention delegates by The Bull Elephant, but the conclusion is intriguing: "a large and unexpected lead by Dave Brat over Eric Cantor, and Shak Hill as a continuing but distant threat to frontrunner Ed Gillespie." One more conclusion that should give the Can'tor folks significant heartburn: his "opposition isn't just among fire-breathing Tea Party-types, but also among a significant portion of the GOP base in the 7th who prefer the "mainstream" candidate for Senate." Thoughts? Time for yet more popcorn? :)P.S. Click here for my original story about the stunning defeat this weekend of Eric Cantor's close ally as 7th CD GOP Chair.