Video: RNC Chair Says He's "All In" on Corrupt, Extremist VA GOP Ticket

Friday, July 12, 2013

Republican National Committee chair Reince Preibus came to Chesterfield, Virginia yesterday to open and office and make the case for Ken Cuccinelli. The problems are legion. First, Preibus has no credibility on anything, after his total #FAIL in 2012 (including blabbering about a "war on caterpillars", lying about pretty much everything, etc. Second, as the press release from the DNC (see on the "flip") notes, this is the guy who just 100 days ago (almost exactly) rolled out an "autopsy" of his party's disastrous 2012, the central thesis of which is to broaden the tent, hold primaries instead of conventions to bring more people into the process, and ultimately nominate more moderate and sane candidates. Now, just 100 days later, he's in Virginia celebrating the antithesis of his own autopsy - autopsy hypocrisy, if you will - in the extremist ticket (nominated by a few thousand hard-core right wingers in a convention, not a primary) of Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson (note that Preibus is standing right in front of a Jackson sign), and Mark "Criminalize Miscarriages" Obenshain.By the way, note Preibus' Big Lie in this video, in which he claims that President Obama has instituted "European health care in this country." In reality, of course, "Obamacare" doubles down on the PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT health insurance system. Perhaps because it's basically identical to the 1994 Republican alternative to "Hillarycare," as well as to "Romneycare?" Perhaps because it incorporates the conservative idea of an "individual mandate" in it, in order to compel people to purchase private, for-profit health insurance? This is about as far away from "European health care" (motto: "less expensive than America, but much better results!") as can be. But no matter, this is Big Liar in Chief Reince Preibus we're dealing with, so the truth is not even optional, it's an alien concept. And THIS is the clown they've brought in to attest how wonderful the corrupt, extremist Ken Kookinell is? What a farce.