339th Straight Warmer-Than-20th-Century Avg Month Shows Urgency of Action to Avert Climate Disaster

Monday, June 24, 2013

From the National Climatic Data Center:
According to NOAA scientists, the globally averaged temperature for May 2013 tied with 1998 and 2005 as the third warmest May since record keeping began in 1880. It also marked the 37th consecutive May and 339th consecutive month (more than 28 years) with a global temperature above the 20th century average. The last below-average May temperature was May 1976 and the last below-average temperature for any month was February 1985.
I sure hope that President Obama has something really good to offer tomorrow. I also hope that all the climate science deniers out there would pull their heads out of their butts and start caring more about our planet than about fossil fuel company profits. That starts, first and foremost, with Republicans in Congress and in state governments all over the country. In Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli is a puppet of the fossil fuel industry and a long-time science denier, so I wouldn't recommend holding your breath. Much better choice: defeat him, and every other climate science-denying freak, this November at the polls.P.S. A far better option is discussed here - a rapid transition to clean energy ASAP!