National Election Results Open Thread / Live Blog

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The polls are about to close on the Eastern United States.  At 7pm EST we'll see polls close in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and across most (but not all) of Florida.  Virginia is of course, the first of the major swing states to close.  So, to start out the night the big question:  Are "you on your own" or we "all in this together"?IF YOU ARE IN LINE, STAY IN LINE.  DO NOT LEAVE THE LINE!
Electoral College Total of Called Races:  Obama 303 - Romney 203.
Update 1:00am:
President Obama's Victory Speech:
*  "These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty."
*  "Our economy is recovering, a war is ending, and a long campaign is over. Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to your voice ... and I will return to the White House more determined than ever."
*  The President identifies his Second Term Agenda:  Deficit Reduction, Immigration Reform, Energy Independence.
Update 1:00am:
Mitt Romney concedes, graciously.
Barack Obama Wins Virginia!
Update 12:15: 
Mitt Romney is disputing the election results in Ohio, but with the President's victory in Colorado this point is now moot.  With or without Ohio, President Obama has been reelected.
Update 12:00: 
President Obama wins Colorado and Nevada.
President Obama leads Virginia and Florida but they are still too close to call.
In an astonishing and pitiful move, the Romney campaign is disputing the Ohio result.  A fitting end to a truly despicable campaign.
Update 11:12: 
Update 11:00: 
Obama Wins California, Washington, and his home state Hawaii.
Romney Wins Idaho and North Carolina.
Oregon, Iowa, Nevada Too Early to Call, Leaning Obama
Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado Too Close to Call.
Update 10:00: 
Obama wins Minnesota
Romney wins Missouri
Update 9:50: 

5oclockshadow :: National Election Results Open Thread / Live Blog
Update 9:45: 
OH-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D) Wins!
MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D) Wins!
IN-Sen: Joe Donnelley (D) Wins!  Richard "Rape is God's Will" Murdock (R) ends his political career with a whimper.Update 9:15: OBAMA'S RUST BELT FIREWALL HOLDS:   PROJECTED TO WIN PENNSYLVANIA, WISCONSIN, AND MICHIGAN.
"Romney's pathways to 270 are closing and they are closing fast!" - Obama Spokesperson Stephanie Cutter.
President Obama just took the lead in the Electoral College projections.  He will not give up that lead again.  period.
Update 9:00: 
Too close/early to call: Arizona (Romney Leads)
Too close/early to call: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (Obama Leads)
Too close to call:  Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Colorado, Missouri - STAY IN LINE!!!
Obama takes Michigan, New Mexico, New Jersey
Romney takes Kansas, Nebraska (4 of 5 ECV), Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.
PA-Sen:  Bob Casey (D) wins!
Update 8:30pm: CT-Sen Chris Murphy (D) wins! How many millions did Linda McMahon waste.  If things keep going this way, this will be a huge  story from 2012:  Wasted GOP $$$$.
Also:  Romney takes Arkansas.  Not a surprise.
Update 8:16pm: Bill Nelson (D) will win FL-Sen.
New Jersey voting will be extended until FRIDAY due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. So, we may not get a projected winner there tonight.
Update 8:00pm: Obama projected to win CT, ME, MD, DE, RI, DC, MA, IL.
Romney projected to win MS, OK.
NJ, MO, PA too early to call.  
Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida still too close to call.
Update 7:49pm: Polls are about to close across the heartland from Maine to Kansas, including swing states Pennsylvania and the rest of Florida.  Get ready for some amazing numbers...
Update 7:37pm: CNN exit polls of Ohio -- Obama leads state by three, Sherrod Brown leads by more than five.  REMEMBER THESE ARE EXIT POLLS
Update 7:30pm: NBC calls WV for Romney.  Ohio, NC, and VA are still too close to call.  GA and SC, too early to call.  Joe Mansion (D) holds his US Senate Seat in WV.  ECV Totals:  Obama 3, Romney 33.
Update 7:22pm: Polls close in 8 minutes in West Virginia, North Carolina, and OHIO!!!
Update 7:01pm: NBC Calls Vermont for Obama, Indiana, Kentucky for Romney.  Obama 3, Romney 19.  Bernie Saunders I-VT will hold his US Senate seat.  Virginia is too close to call.  South Carolina too early.