Video: ProgressVA Executive Director Explains "ALEC's disturbing level of influence"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Per The Big Picture, here's what Anna Scholl of ProgressVA is talking about (bolding added by me for emphasis):
According to a new report by the advocacy group Progress Virginia - lawmakers in Virginia have outsourced their jobs to the shadowy, Koch brothers-funded, corporate think tank known as ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council. In case you dont know what ALEC is - it's an organization that brings together corporate CEOs and lobbyists with elected lawmakers to come up with custom-made legislation that benefits big polluters, job outsourcers, and banksters, and hurts unions, poor people, and voters. And apparently it's found a friend in the Virginia General Assembly - where since 2007 - over 50 different pieces of legislation have been introduced that are exact carbon copies of ALEC written legislation. So what does it mean when corporate think tanks are in charge of writing out laws?
It means we're no longer much of a Democracy, if we allow this garbage to continue, and if we don't fight back!