30th State Senate District Democratic Candidates Speak at Business Forum

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I reported earlier today on the 49th House of Delegates district forum held yesterday morning in Falls Church, and sponsored by the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council. This post covers the 30th State Senate district forum, with candidates Adam Ebbin, Libby Garvey and Rob Krupicka participating. Libby Garvey spoke about "end[ing] the gridlock in Richmond," about her successes with the Arlington public schools, and about "building relationships...across party lines." Adam Ebbin talked about clean energy, Metro, BRAC, Columbia Pike streetcars, Route 1, support for small business, and building "effective relationships to work not just across the aisle but across the Commonwealth." Rob Krupicka noted that his name is pronounced like "Eureka," said we need "new ideas to solve problems," talked about his "leading role in making Alexandria an environmental leader," about his role in helping small business be successful, education, and mass transit. He said we have to stop the "politics of blame that sets us back, doesn't focus on solving problems." P.S. As with the 49th HoD district, I remain neutral in this race, but I'm listening carefully to what these three good Democrats - and strong progressives - have to say. I hope to make an endorsement at some point this summer. How about you? Any preference in this race, and if so, why?