Republican Cuts Would Devastate Virginia; Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli Silent

Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember how Virginia Republicans were outraged at the Defense Department's announced intention "to close the Norfolk-based Joint Forces Command, potentially costing the Hampton Roads region thousands of jobs?" At the time, Rep. Randy Forbes (R) even complained that the cuts were "merciless, cruel and without pity." So, you'd think that Republicans have a principled opposition to any federal moves that might hurt Virginia's economy and cost the state jobs, right?Think again.
On the "flip" is a highlight sheet, helpfully provided by the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, of how badly proposed Republican spending cuts (under H.R. 1) would hurt Virginia. They make JFCOM look like small potatoes.
For instance, while shutting down JFCOM might result in the loss of, at most, 3,900 jobs - and probably a lot fewer - "an estimated 19,500 Virginia jobs would be lost if H.R. 1 is enacted into law." That's 5 times the number of Virginia jobs lost, thanks to the Republicans' budget proposals in Congress - supported by all Republicans in the Virginia delegation, I might add - than JFCOM at its worst. Yet Republicans like Bob McDonnell complained and complained about JFCOM, but not a peep about HR 1. What's THAT all about?!? Hmmmm.
But wait, it gets worse. On top of the crushing job losses to Virginia, Republicans spending cuts would also "hurt education in Virginia," "make Virginia's workforce less competitive," cut Pell college tuition assistance by "nearly $700" per Virginia undergrad, cause "more than 3,300 Virginia children [to] lose access to Head Start,"  make Virginia less secure by slashing homeland security investments and "hurting local law enforcement's ability to keep Virginians safe," making Metro and ports in the Hampton Roads area less secure. Other than that, HR 1 is a great idea. Not.
So, given these extremely harmful proposed cuts to Virginia, where's the outrage Bob McDonnell? Cat got your tongue on this one? Or is it just that you complain, whine, and moan when it's Democrats who are proposing the cuts, but you keep your mouth clamped firmly shut when it's your own party that would severely harm the state you're supposed to be fighting for? Just wanted to get that straight, ya know?
P.S. And what about Ken Cuccinelli? I'm shocked he's not suing Congress to stop this assault on Virginia! I mean, he sues at the drop of a hat when it's Democrats attempting to do good things - create clean energy jobs or provide health care to all Virginians - yet he sits on his hands when Republicans work to undermine Virginia's economy and security. Gee, what could that double standard be about?