Cooch is "the very model of a mad Attorney General"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hilarious, great job by Bart Hinkle skewering Ken Kook-inelli!
I am the very model of a mad Attorney General, My politics are paleoconservative and visceral -- I'll sue the pants off Democrats and wreck their plans historical With writs and briefs that I'll compose, tendentious and rhetorical . . . . I'll stop environmentalists from regulating greenhouse gas By proving carbon dioxide does not have an atomic mass -- That solar-radiative forcing's nothing but a liberal plot And dendroclimatology is superstitious tommyrot. I'll prove the EPA is overrun with Commie militants Who haven't shown a single lick of scientific diligence -- In short, in matters legal, ecological, and federal I am the very model of a mad Attorney General.
More lyrics here - sing along!